Horse riding

The unspoiled landscape is inviting us to consciously perceive the beauty and harmony of nature and to get in contact with animals, plants and minerals. The aim of the horse rides is to create an atmosphere of trust and respect between man, animal and nature.

NEW !  Introductory lesson

Before taking part in taking a ride in our beautiful surroundings you will participate in an introductory lesson ,which lasts about 2 hours where you will learn to communicate with your horse. we will do  exercises with the horse on the ground and we will ride in the round pen. This will give you more security and confidence with the horse when we ride in the nature!


Starting from our farm, we do 2-3-hours rides through the amazing and varied surroundings.

One-day ride

The one-day ride lasts approximately for 4 to 5 hours of riding . Take a shared picnic with you.

Two Day Ride

We ride in the Hautes-Corbières and either sleep under the stars or in a tent by a river or a lake. Food is included.

Adventure trekking tour

To be out on horses, cooking around the camp fire, spending the night in a tent ! or under the stars. The tour starts with a little ride to get to know each other, afterwards we go on the 4-day hiking ride (luggage will be carried on the horses). To conclude the trip we will go for a final ride. The tour can vary depending on the season and according to individual wishes.

Please note for all overnight tours: Take a sleeping bag, a mat or an inflatable mattress, a sun hat, rain coat, if necessary warm clothing and environmentally friendly soap/shampoo with you. The riding tours take place in all weather conditions but we are very open to your desires in certain situations! On the day of arrival and the day of departure participants of trekking tours are accommodated in a Tipi tent.


Introductory lesson                                                       50€ /2hours

Rides                                                                               25 €/hour

One-day ride                                                                     90 €

Two-day ride                                                                    195 €

Adventure trekking tour (all inclusive)                            880 €