Personal development with horses

Our herd of ten horses consists of 7 geldings, 2 mares and a small stallion. The horses are living on big meadows all year round. They eat what nature is offering them, that’s why they are very robust and independent. Three of them grew up on our farm, the others I have either bought or been given . All of them have very different characters, are well balanced and are natural therapists. Horses are always authentic, they live in the present and mirror our true inner feelings. It’s impossible to deceive them through superficial behaviour and they would never deceive us, because they are looking directly into our soul.

Personal development courses with horses contain the following aspects :

1) To become conscious of our body language (non-verbal communication)

Humans and horses are mainly communicating through body language, but also through the voice. While using your voice the choice of certain words is not as important as the energy which flows behind the words. Also in conversations among humans 90% of communication is happening non-verbally. If the inner attitude doesn’t agree with the outer conduct, it causes confusion for those we are dealing with.

2) Developing our leadership abilities

Mostly, horses have strong personalities. To be able to create a bond between you and the horse, it is necessary to sometimes lead. Leading might be challenging for us if we haven’t developed that quality enough.

3) To find our inner balance

To be able to ride a horse, it is important that our body is in balance. Inner and outer balance are connected with each other, therefore riding can support us to find our inner balance.

4) To respect oneself and others

In contact with horses we should be aware of what they are: gentle and sensitive beings. But in certain situations they can also get aggressive or afraid. That’s why it is very important that the horses respect us. In a nice and clear way we have to show them the limits.

5) To overcome our fears

Horses can help us to get over our fears, because of their gentle and intuitive nature.

6) To live in the present moment

Horses show us immediately if we are not concentrated or if our thoughts are drifting away. If that is happening, the subtle connection between the horse and the rider is lost.